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Comment faire une teinture

  1. récolter les parties de plantes à utiliser et les mettre dans un pot masson (comprimé)
  2. ajouter de la vodka 40% (se garde 6 ans+) ou vinaigre de cidre 8% (se garde 3-4ans) ou vinaigre de cidre ordinaire (se garde 1 an)
  3. laisser macérer pendant 30 jours dans un endroit température ambiante à l’abri du soleil; secouer chaque jour
  4. filtrer par un tissu synthétique très fin et embouteiller dans des goutteurs
  5. prendre 10 à 25 gouttes à la fois



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 Skin Creamskincream

Chop fresh leaves of comfrey and plantain and let macerate in 30ml olive oil for 3 hours (oil will turn dark).

Melt 5g of bees-wax in a bain-marie add plantain/comfrey oil and 5ml vegetable glycerine; when molten, put bowl from bain-marie into cold water bath and add 8 drops of Lavender essential oil; stir until mix congeals; then fill in pot.

Cracked feetcracked feet

Mix these + 1 cup warm water+ ½ cup Listerine +½ cup white vinegar.

Soak your feet for 15minutes; scrape away the dead skin with a hard brush. Put Vaseline on your skin for the night.


Grind a handful of rice until u get a fine but coarse flour. Add a few spoons of raw honey to the mixture along with enough apple cider vinegar to obtain a thick paste. If the cracks are very deep, add a spoon of olive oil. Soak feet for 20 minutes & gently massage with this paste.

Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac = Oatmeal pastepoisonivy

Combine 1 tablespoon of colloidal oats with 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Gradually add just enough water to form a paste and mix well. Apply to irritated areas. After it’s dry, rinse the paste off with warm water.

If you do develop a bad rash with blisters, follow these first-aid tips for making an oatmeal bath or oatmeal paste to relieve the itching. Oats (Avena sativa) have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Applied topically, oats moisturize the skin and decrease itching. To draw an oatmeal bath, pour 2 to 3 cups of rolled or colloidal oats into a sock, cloth, bag or bandana to contain the particles and help with cleanup. (You can make colloidal oats in your food processor by blending oats to a powder.) Place the sock in a tub full of warm water. Climb in and soak for at least 15 minutes. Avoid using soap, which will only dry and further irritate your skin.

Bug Bites and Stingsinsectsting

a) Make a lavender-infused frozen cloth, wet a washcloth with water and wring out the excess moisture. Squeeze 5 drops of lavender essential oil on the wet cloth, place it inside a resealable bag, and store it in the freezer. When you get stung, remove the cloth from the bag and apply it directly to the inflamed area. It will help reduce swelling and relieve pain.
You can also try a mixture of 3 drops of lavender essential oil and 1 teaspoon of baking soda, which is thought to help neutralize the acidic venom in bee and fire ant stings. Add enough water to the mixture to form a paste, and plaster the paste over the sting. Remove the paste after about 30 minutes or after it’s dry. Reapply as needed.
Treatment. Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain-killing) and calming. Keep a frozen lavender-infused cloth or a simple lavender and baking soda paste on hand for the next time your path collides with a poisonous, panicky pollinator.

b) Plantain (Plantago major) is a common weed — not to be confused with the banana-like fruit — that contains pain-relieving, astringent and mildly antibacterial substances, a trio of traits that are beneficial for healing insect stings and minor abrasions. A 2012 study showed that skin tissue in mice healed faster when plantain was applied, compared with controls.
The next time you get a bug bite or small wound, gather five to 10 plantain leaves and mash them with your fingers to release the beneficial tannins. Apply the juicy pulp to the affected area for about 30 seconds. Repeat as needed.

Sunburn Reliefsunburn

Scientific studies show that honey, an ancient wound-healer, is antibacterial and speeds healing of burns better than conventional burn dressings containing silver sulfadiazine. Using a clean butter knife, spread organic, high-quality honey on a piece of sterile gauze large enough to cover the burn. Tape the edges of the gauze in place so the bandage is comfortable. After six hours, remove the dressing, gently rinse the skin, and reapply a fresh strip of the honey-coated gauze.

Tea (Camellia sinensis) compresses are a time-honored treatment for sunburns. Tea is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial and astringent. Compared with black tea, green tea has stronger antioxidant and antibacterial effects. If you want to use an herbal tea, German chamomile is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and wound-healing.
To make a tea compress, bring a half-cup of water to a boil. Pour the boiling water into a mug and submerge the tea bag of your choice (green, black or chamomile). Let cool to room temperature. Dip a clean cloth into the tea and lay the cloth on your burn until pain subsides.

Aloe (Aloe vera) is anti-inflammatory, promotes circulation, and inhibits bacterial and fungal growth. Most studies show that aloe speeds healing of burns and wounds. Keep an aloe plant on your windowsill so you can squeeze the fresh gel from a leaf, or look for a product that’s at least 90 percent pure aloe. Apply pure aloe gel to the burn, or blend 1 tablespoon of gel with 10 drops of lavender essential oil.

Cuts and Scrapesskinscrapes

Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) leaves and roots contain allantoin, which helps the regeneration of new skin cells. Research has shown that abrasions heal faster with topical comfrey relative to a placebo.
To use, wash the site of your wound thoroughly. Harvest a comfrey leaf and rough it up with your fingers. Place this backyard bandage against the wound. Secure it with a clean, damp cloth. Leave it in place for an hour before removing.
Sanitizing wounds with soap and clean, cool water is sufficient for minor scrapes and cuts. Stronger solutions, such as hydrogen peroxide or iodine, can actually irritate a cut, harm tissue and slow the healing process.

es premiers secours consistent à placer la zone affectée sous un jet d’eau froide jusqu’à ce que la chaleur diminue et que cessent de brûler les couches de peau, (PS : 10 à 15 minutes, c’est long) ensuite étendre du blanc d’œuf sur cette zone.
Une personne se brûla une grande partie de la main avec de l’eau bouillante. Malgré la douleur elle mit la main sous le robinet d’eau froide puis elle cassa 2 œufs,en sépara les blancs qu’elle battit un peu et y plongea la main. Sa main était tellement brûlée qu’en y appliquant le blanc d’œuf sa peau sécha et le blanc y forma une pellicule. Elle apprit par la suite que le blanc d’œuf était un collagène naturel, et continua pendant au moins une heure à appliquer couche sur couche de blanc sur sa main. L’après-midi elle ne sentit plus de douleur et le lendemain il restait à peine une marque rougeâtre à l’endroit de la brûlure. Elle pensait qu’il lui serait resté une horrible cicatrice, mais, à sa grande surprise, au bout de 10 jours, il ne restait plus aucune trace de la brûlure, la peau avait même retrouvé sa couleur normale !
La zone brûlée s’était totalement régénérée grâce au collagène existant dans le blanc d’œuf.

Sore Musclessoremuscles

A 2012 clinical trial found that when virgin olive oil was applied topically to arthritic knees, it provided superior pain relief compared with an ointment containing the anti-inflammatory drug piroxicam. Turmeric and ginger are traditional Indian analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents. Cayenne contains capsaicin, which acts as a counterirritant (it initially causes a mild burning sensation, but then silences local pain nerves). Studies have shown that topical capsaicin reduces pain from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and back pain.
For a pain-relieving poultice, blend 1 tablespoon each aloe gel and unfiltered, extra-virgin olive oil, 2 teaspoons each ground turmeric and ground ginger, and 1 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper. Spread the paste over the painful area. Hold it in place with cloth or plastic wrap, and remove after 30 minutes. Turmeric will stain clothing and temporarily tinge your skin. Wash your hands and avoid touching your eyes or other sensitive areas after handling cayenne powder.

splinterRemoving A Splinter – Working in the garden you can pick up a splinter when grabbing a tool handle or tree branches. They can be irritating, painful and very hard to remove. Try this… soak the affected area in 2 tbsp of epsom salt in a cup of water, this will increase the osmotic pressure of the skin and help draw the splinter out on its own accord.



Oil Pullingoilpulling

Traditionally, sesame oil was used, but these days coconut oil is more often recommended, and it’s my preference as well. To increase the potency of this protocol, use essential oils, such as peppermint, cinnamon, or clove. Tea tree oil and oil of oregano are two good options, but they can get really intense. Start off with just a small amount.

Here are some suggestions with the essential oils for oil pulling. Add these to a tablespoon of coconut oil.

  • For bad breath: 2 drops of cinnamon, spearmint, or peppermint essential oil
  • Toothache: 2 drops of clove or tea tree essential oil, or one of each
  • Canker sores: 2 drops of holy basil essential oil.
  • Gum disease: 2 drops of cinnamon, clove, or tea tree essential oil.
  • Receding gums: Add 2 drops of Myrrh essential oil.
  • Cavities: 2 drops of clove or tea tree essential oil, or one of each
  • Any infection in the mouth: 2 drops of clove or tea tree essential oil, or one of each

How to Oil Pull

Swish the oil around in your mouth (like you would with mouthwash) and pull through the teeth, for 15 to 20 minutes. Don’t swish hard, or your cheeks will get sore very quickly.

Spit it out! Do not sallow it. That oil gets nasty, and it’s better to dispose of it than swallow it. Follow with tooth brushing, or at least thoroughly rinsing the mouth. And don’t spit it out in the sink. The oil could stop it up.

Immune System

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Pascal’s magic potion

Anti-flue potion that boosts your immune system.

Fill into a 350ml bottle: +35 drops Grapefruit seed extract + 1/2 cup Apple Cider vinegar + 2 tbs honey; fill up with water. Drink the bottle throughout the day.

 Phil’s Nanobio Grape Juice Energy drinkenergy drink

Makes 1L. Mix together +770ml hot water (46-51ºC) + 40ml organic black strap molasses + 20ml 100% grape juice + ½ tsp sea-salt + ½ tsp granulated kelp + 60ml Nanobio and shake well.

Keep airspace of 20% of bottle volume on top of bottle;tighten lid and keep at 35-43ºC for min. 3 months. For 1 week de-gas every day; for the next 3 weeks shake every day and after another 2 weeks add + 20ml Nanobio +60ml 100% grape juice.


• 2/3 cup Elderberries (fresh or frozen)
• 3-1/2 cups of water
• 2 tbsp fresh or dried ginger root (or powder)
• 1 tsp cinnamon powder
• 1/2 tsp cloves or clove powder
• 1 cup raw honey

Elderberry Tonic for Cold and Flu Prevention

elderberries use jpgInstructions

  1. Pour water into a medium saucepan and add elderberries, ginger, cinnamon and cloves.
  2. Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer until the liquid reduces to almost half (about 45 minutes to 1 hour).
  3. Remove from heat and let cool for 15 minutes. Pour through a strainer into a glass jar or bowl.
  4. Discard the elderberries (feed to chickens or compost) and let the liquid cool to lukewarm.
  5. Add 1 cup of honey and stir well. (Note: honey is added after the mixture has cooled to keep raw enzymes intact).
  6. 6. Pour mixture into glass jars to be stored in the fridge for up to three months.

Recommended doses

Prevention (can be taken daily)

  1. Kids (13 months-12 years old): 1/2 to 1 teaspoon
  2. Adults: 1/2 to 1 Tablespoon


Take the normal dose every 2-3 hours until symptoms disappear.

Don’t get caught off guard by cold and flu season this year. Prepare this easy elderberry elixir for a natural alternative for flu prevention and recovery.

Special Notes:

  • NEVER give Elderberry Tonic to infants 12 months/under.
  • Elderberries can be used as any other berry for pies, jams, breads, stuffing, etc.
  • Consuming raw elderberries causes extreme GI distress in many people. Try a few berries raw before overindulging.


Bones Tendons

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Gélatine contre douleur dans les articulationsgelatine

Dissoudre 5g gelatine alimentaire pendant la nuit dans un verre d’eau froide sur la table. Boire le mélange au matin dans du jus. Les douleurs devraient disparaître après 7 jours. Continuez le boire pendant un mois; renouvelez le traitement d’un mois tous les 6 mois.

Specialement bon contre ostéoporose et arthrose. Effets positifs sur l’état des fibres internes et des petits visseaux. Il dispose de 2 acides aminés: proline et hydroxiproline, qui ont un impacte positif sur la récupération du tissu conjonctif. La gélatine est en mesure d’augmenter la croissance et l’étendue du tissu conjonctif.

En outre elle renforce les articulations et le muscle cardiaque, améliore le métabolisme, augmente la capacité mentale, maintient un bon état de la peau, donne de la force et d’élasticité aux tendons et ligaments, irremplaçable pour la dysplasie, empèche le développement de l’ostéoporose et de l’arthrose, améliore croissance et structure des cheveux et ongles.

Inflammation and Pain

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Chai 951curcuma-9-5-1-chai

Strong anti-inflammatory and pain killing potion.

Le chai 9-5-1 vous permettra de prendre le mélange en évitant de vous lasser trop rapidement du goût.

Versez 200 ml à 250 ml de lait d’amande dans une casserole. Rajoutez-y 1 à 2 bonnes cuillères à soupe de crème de coco pour les lipides (lait de coco concentré que vous trouvez facilement dans le commerce). Dosez bien afin de ne pas vous écoeurer non plus. Placez une ou deux cuillères à soupe bombées du mélange 9-5-1. Rajoutez un peu de miel ou de sirop d’érable.

Faites chauffer jusqu’à ce que le mélange soit bien homogène; déguster en se faisant du bien, que demander de mieux ?


Just take a glass of lemon juice with a high concentration of Himalayan crystal salt and drink it.


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waterbody2L’eau est l’élément essentiel de notre vie

Dans l’évolution nous avons quitté les océans il y a environs 3,000,000 ans – je ne me souviens pas exactement du moment…

Les fluides aminiotiques dans la matrice de la femme où flotte l’enfant avant être né ont la même composition que les eaux des océans…

Notre corps actuel est composé entre 60% et 75% de l’eau; mêmes les os contiennent 22% de l’eau, les muscles et le cerveau contient 75% de l’eau, le sang 83% et le foi 86% – les nervs ont besoin de 90% même!

Le taux d’eau contenu dans notre corps change aussi avec l’age:




Pendant que le fétus est presque 100% de l’eau, le bébé 80%, l’adulte ne contient que 70% et une personne agée 50%. On pourrait dire que le moment de notre mort est le moment quand les eaux nous quittent.


Déjà maintenant on sent l’importance de l’eau et on comprends que c’est crucial de maintenir un taux adéquate de l’eau dans notre corps – inversément le manque d’eau ou la déshydratation est vraiment grave et peut même amener à la mort. Pour maintenir le bon taux d’eau il faut boire assez: 1.5 à 2L de l’eau par jour pour un adulte.

Il est important de noter que les boissons gazeuses, les alcools, les thés et le café qui contiennent de la caféine ne comptent pas comme apport de liquide.

Un autre bug: nous ne buvons pas de l’eau simplement parce que l’eau n’est pas bonne. L’eau du robinet est chlorée et l’eau en bouteille est aussi rien d’autre que l’eau du robinet…

Mais on peut s’aider par:

  • magasintransitionLes appareils de revitalisation d’eau comme le Revitaliseur « Grander »
    peut être installé dans votre puits artésien, puits de surface ou simplement à l’entrée d’eau de votre maison/appartement si vous êtes branchés sur l’aquéduc. Cet appareil neutralise le chlore, les pathogènes, le fluor; il arrange les molécules d’eau en héxagones et réduit la tension de surface de l’eau. Et pardessus tout il redonne à l’eau un gôut limpide qui donne envie de boire!
  • Les Gouttes revitalisants de Adya Clarté
    Ces gouttes d’une substance minéralisante à base du Mica noir du Japon, sont très économique: avec seulement 25 gouttes vous produisez 2-1/2 litres d’eau revitalisé: cette eau a les mêmes qualités que l’eau transformée par un revitaliseur.




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Article by Urinotherapy/Canada

Droping under the tongue

If you have a hard time drinking your urine because it does not taste well you can start with dropping under the tongue. Start with 5-10 drops and see how your body is reacting; repeat the dropping 3x/day for 6 weeks and after to take week off and again continue.

Inhalation of urine
Very efective to treat asthmatic problems and alergies.
Mix old urine(1-6days) with hot water; inhale the steam through the nose while being under a large towel for 10 or 15 minutes.

Urine injections
This is the most effective application of urine for very serious illnesses. Be sure that it is done under the surveillance of a healer.

Urine homeopathy
Very good for children, or in case of strong toxicity of body.
To make the homeopathic urine remedy, mix 1p of urine into 9 parts of water and shake it 50 times. Then take one part of that and mix it again with 9 parts of water. Repeat the whole process 6 times.

Urine massage
Indicated for cleaning of the body via the skin; treating skin illnesses; stimulating of acupressure points; healing of internal organs; cosmetics, stimulating the growth of hair; regeneration of the skin and rejuvenation in general.
For this purpose it is best to use old urine that has been boiled down to 1/4 of its original amount.
This reduces urine is also very efficient as a mouth wash when you have teeth problems.


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Grippe/Influenza Homeopatic: INFLUENCINUM (5 globules soir, 5 globules le lendemin matin)
 Angine de poitrine
Artérite oblitérante
Arythmies cardiaques
Déficience ventriculaire gauche
Fibrillation cardiaque
Insuffisance cardiaque (sténose partielle)
Infarctus aigu du myocarde


Crise aiguë : 5 gouttes jusqu’à 6 fois par jour
Chronique : 5 gouttes 1 à 3 fois par jour

77694 Kehl / Rhein – Allemagne
Tél + 49 /7851- 2397 (parlent français)

 antiseptique et cicatrisante  PANSEMENTS AU MIEL DE THYM
•     Anti-inflammatoire
•     Détoxifie et régénère le foie
•     LeucémieMaladies virales et épidémiques
•     Active la production des cellules souches
•     Répare l’ADN
•     Stimule tout le système immunitaire
 phycocyanine est issue de la fraction hydrosoluble de la spiruline
 Migraine  Grande Camomille manger 1 feuille 3x/jour