Zéta Potentiel

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Voici la recette pour le faire soi-même:

  1. Préparer la solution concentrée 1 litre:
    • 50g de Citrate de potasse (26.19$/500g)
    • 30g de Phosphate de potasse (23.97$/500g)
    • 7.5g de Bicarbonate de potasse (32.55/500g)
  2. Prendre 1 càs de ce mélange dans un litre d’eau



The stability of colloidal systems depends of the dilution, pH and strength of the ions in the bulk

of solutions. One of the most important factors which determine the stability is the small electrical

potential around each particle of the colloid, known as zeta potential.

This concept can be applied to all biological colloids, including blood, and most cardiovascular diseases can be explained in terms of ZP.

Erythrocyte Aggregation Historical Backgroud

Healthy humans and animals don’t have erythrocyte aggregation. More than 500 peer reviewed articles were published at that time shown that sick animal or post-trauma; and humans with diseases have erythrocyte aggregation. Erythrocyte aggregation is part of pathophysiology, and don’t exist in the physiology of healthy animals. Erythrocyte aggregation block the microcirculation, impairing the oxygenation of organs and tissues.

Erythrocyte Aggregation and

  • Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and Zeta Potential : Zeta potential of erythrocyte membrane is less negative from the control group in diabetic patients, and still less negative in diabetic patients with cardiovascular disease.
    Patients with diabetes had difficulties in the cicatrization process.
  • Hypertension
  • HIV

the periwinkle flower.

  • in a negative gauss glass container [ )( ] creates -40mV and leads to continuous blooming

  • in positive gauss glass container [ ( ) ] creates +25mV and leads to root development

a xmas tree is cut above ground and put in the pos gauss container with red/orange marbles will develop roots; while the remaining part is covered with clay pot (plant pot) and he will grow new branches.

and you can grow crops if you dilute sea water to 15,000 mS and water them with it

Zeta Potential is the electrostatic charge carried on each particle in water based systems. This charge keeps the particles from clumping. Positively charged colloids cause coagulation; negatively charged particles cause dispersion.

Electrostatic charge is a primary force of Nature. Nether direct or alternating current exists in nature. The earth is negative, the sky is positive. The flow of charge between earth and sky is negative and trees carry a high charge in the atmosphere. The flow between earth and the atmosphere is called the fair-weather plane. Lightning is positive flow, returning charge to earth.

On a smaller scale, all trace metals, minerals, inorganic materials, proteins and amino acids are held in suspension not solution in liquids by an electrical charge. These very small particles are called colloids. In liquids, the ability to carry material in suspension is a function of these minute electrical charges. As the negative charge increases, more material can be carried in suspension. PTG

As the charge decreases, the particles move closer to each other and the liquid is able to carry less material. NTG

There is a point where the ability to carry material in suspension is exceeded and particles begin to clump together, with the heavier metals or more positively charged colloids dropping out of the liquid and coagulating. Each liquid has a phase change point where very slight changes in the electro-negative charge can produce rapid coagulation.

The following table of colloidal suspension stability shows how a slight change of colloid charge can have major consequences. Essentially, living systems operate in a range from -15 millivolts to -100 millivolts. The higher the negative charge, the greater dispersion and stability.

Average ZP in Millivolts

Maximum agglomeration and precipitation




Range of strong agglomeration and precipitation




Threshold of agglomeration




Threshold of delicate dispersion




Moderate stability




Fairly good stability




Very good stability




Extremely good stability




Over 100 millivolts in the whole system causes anionic reversal i.e. system coagulation

All substances are held in suspension by negative electrostatic charge, regardless if the material is neg or pos charged.

For those old enough to remember, root cellars in which fruit and produce were stored for months without spoiling, typically have 2000 millivolts of negative charge.


Pure water contains no particles and does not conduct electricity. As colloids are added, electrical conductivity rises. This amount of conductivity is called Specific Conductance, and is measured in micro Siemens (mS). Specific conductance also rises with temperature (about 150 mS between 70 degrees and 80 degrees).

When too many particles are added to a too small amount of liquid, colloids are forced together until they clump. Clumping occurs from shorting out the electrical charge on the colloid.

All elements are either electro-positive or electro-negative. The quantity of extra positive and/or negative charge in an element (Valence) has great effect on stability of any liquid. Electro-positive ions increase clumping and lower Zeta Potential, while electro-negative ions decrease clumping and raise Zeta Potential.


Dispersion increases by


Coagulation increases by





= +/-



















































Al is dangerous because it has 64x the capacity to change the zp than Sodium: it will reduce surface charge, reduce carrying capacity, increase surface tension 64 times more than sodium!

All elements to the left of center are negative; to the right are positive. Below the line, VALENCE is the number of extra positive or negative ions of the element. The center is equally balanced.

Concrete is not so good because of its content of Ca with valence +2.

Red blood cells are primary carrier of negative charge (pulsed electrostatic field movement of spiral flows); we are o.k. when the specific conductance is below 12,000mS

the body has 8 elements; they need to be in a 3.5:5.5 ratio (Φ)

MMS: raise per 1 drop all 4 days

or: 3 drops water and 2 drops hydrogenperoxide (better) slower build up!

    1. Color-wavelength-frequency-values






































Do (C)

Re (D)

Mi (E)

Fa (F)

So (G)

La (A)

Ti (B)

Do (C)

  1. Table of Influenzes

Negative Zeta Potential

Positive Zeta Potential

– anionic discharge

+ kationic charge

centrifugal force CW

centripetal force CCW



south pole magnetism

north pole magnetism

negative discharge increases in inverse ratio

pos. discharge increases in inverse ratio







melting point






surface tension












Mini -Vortices.

Bubbling air into water and turbulence create multiple mini-vortices. This has a direct influence upon the carrying capacity of a liquid. Generally, bubbling air introduced in water will decrease surface tension and increase Zeta Potential.

Surface tension is the property that holds a drop of water together and permits a water spider to walk on it. Air is nitrogen and oxygen, both negatively charged ; however, atmospheric spraying, as in irrigation, decreases the carrying capacity due to the mixing of .03% carbon dioxide in the air with the liquid, which reduces pH.

Straight pipes neutralize negative ZP and kill the water in this way.

you can build a strong negatively charged water that will clean itself if you move it by a ccw rotating tesla turbine

you can change the waters zp by sound/color, movement, magnets

a strongly negative zp water is bacteriostatic

decalcification occurs if a static charge of 30,000V@ 0.5mA is applied (by a magnet), because the pos.pole of the magnet is directed to the water: the positively charged H is repelled (all H2O molecules turn the H-parts away from the magnet; O is paramagnetic (attracted by the magnet without becoming a magnet)

magnets on the glasses (buegel ohne the haut zu beruehren!)

flow forms are perfect as shells (cut a shell open to see the flowform channels)

there are only 3 angles for shells

each angle creates a different valence (the wider the angle the higher the valence: 54degrees=-3 if turned CCW

for turbines the top part (cut open) can be covered with acrylic to see

Bulk stress – solids in suspension

Water from deep wells or the bottom of dams has much higher bulk stress i.e. more particles in suspension, than surface water. Thus it is less able to sustain life. The amount of solids in water increases with the depth increasing bulk stress and lowering Zeta Potential. Fish are killed when water is released from the bottom of a dam into a river, from high bulk stress since high dissolved solids at the bottom of the dam destroy Zeta Potential. Depending on the composition of the elements100 to 1000 parts per million is all that is needed

It is well known that when an electrical charge is imposed on water, it will cause the colloids, each of which has its’ own charge, to move. This is called endosmosis.

Colloids flowing in suspension create an electromagnetic charge also, called Inverse electro-endosmosis.

Methods that Temporarily Increase Carrying Capacity.

Since carrying capacity is a function of the electro-negative charge on particles, it is possible to artificially increase and create a higher electro-negative field which will temporarily cause greater concentration or dissipation by changing Zeta Potential.

While the artificial electrostatic charge is present, the particles in suspension react as if the basic chemistry was changed: the carrying capacity will increase, the surface tension will decrease and coagulated material will go back into suspension. When the artificial charge on the particles is removed, the carrying capacity of the liquid will theoretically return to the same carrying charge as before the charge was increased.

There are a number of these devices used industrially which very effectively stop algae, mold, bacteria and bacterial corrosion from forming in cooling towers and eliminates calcium scale formation.

  1. Simple Diffusion

Temperature is the amount of movement of atoms/molecules. when the movement is large enough the bonds that hold the atoms of a solid together, break and the substance becomes liquid or gaseous. this movement is random between the collisions (brownian motion) with other atoms. the random movement is called DIFFUSION.

Net movement of atoms occurs when large numbers are present and when there is an imbalance between parts within the container.

Membrane is a surface that creates a selective permeability for substances.


water molecule,solvent

clorid ion,solute particle

in a solution the ion doesn’t just mingle in the water: it attracts a shell of water molecules and becomes a bigger entity; the water molecules are not static but change around the solute particle.Thus, the more concentrated a solution – the higher the amount of solute it contains – the lower the water activity. the chemical activity of water is inverse proportional to the solute concentration.


two solutions separated by membrane permeable only to water: if concentration changes, water will migrate towards the higher concentration to re-establish equilibrium; because lower concentration means more free water molecules that can freely permeate the membrane; and bound water is less active as water: permeates less.

Inorganic ions diffuse differently according to the membrane charge.


measures the acidity of a substance. in pure water some particles react with each other:

H2O + H2O ===> H3O+ + OH

Water + Water ===> Hydronium Ion+ ( an Acid ) + Hydroxyl Ion ( a Base )

pure water is neutral because it produces an equal amount of acidity and alcalinity. If a strong base, such as sodium hydroxide, is added to water, it ionizes as follows:

NaOH <=====> Na+ + OH

Thus, the addition of NaOH to water increases the OH or alkali concentration of the resulting solutions.


  • is negatively charged because it has two Hydrogen ions (two positive charges) and one Oxygen ion (double negative charge, 8x power); so it has more effective negative charge.

  • is a diamagnetic (repelled by a magnetic field but not becoming magnetic)


  1. Fred Hageneder: Spirit of trees – Geist der Bäume. (Paperback)

  2. franks box: http://www.box.net/shared/rm6qz2dk0k

Terre diatomée

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Les propriétés de la terre diatomée (TD)

  1. diatomearthVue par un microscope on voit des petits cylindres vide plein de petits trous et des bords coupants.
  2. La TD a une charge négative (comme les iones négatives); cette charge fait que la TD attire des pathogènes et polluants qui pour la pluspart ont une charge positive; ensuite elle les lie et les élimine par les voies d’élimination naturelles.
  3. La TD est très dure: le diamants ont un index de dureté de 9 et la TD de 7. La dureté combiné avec les bords coupants font que le TD va « gratter » les parois des vaisseaux et intestins et ainsi enlever les dépôts.
  4. Les bords coupant vont aussi tuer les parasites dans les intestins sans affecter les intestins mêmes.
  5. La TD consiste de 84% silice et contient une vingtaine d’oligoéléments. La silice est essentiel pour la vie sur la planète; spécialement pour nous: l’entretien des os et dents, de la peau, des cheveux et ongles…


buyitCommencer avec une càc dans un verre d’eau avant le déjeuner; suivi par un autre verre d’eau. Boire beaucoup dans la journée pour éviter la constipation. La dose peut être augmentée à 1 càs trois fois par jour.

Les bénéfices pour la santé

  • Le nettoyage des dépôts dans les intestins et vaisseaux sanguins améliore l’absorbtion des nutriments et diminuent la fatigue.
  • Aide avec le taux de cholestérole et la haute pression.
  • Les ongles et cheveux poussent mieux et plus vite; aide contre l’akné, les rides et les points de vieillesse.
  • Alimente et renforce les articulations, les os et les tendons; aide avec l’ostéoporose.
  • Éliminine les métaux lourds (vieilles plombages des dents et autres dépots)
  • Répare et entretient les poumons, diminue la toux.
  • Aide à éviter des cailloux dans les reins.
  • Diminue le vertigo, tinnite et insomnie.
  • Régularise la digestion, diminue l’inflammation gastro-intestinale, aide à guérir la diarrhé et la constipation.
  • Élimine pusserons et poux (diffusé en poudre).

Commandez la Terre Diatomée ici.



Supplement recipes

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Calcium recipe (Lemon Egg):lemonegg

Carefully place whole, clean, uncooked, uncracked, organic eggs in a clean wide-mouth jar or glass container. How many eggs is up to you, but the lemon juice needs to cover the eggs.

Cover the eggs with freshly squeezed organic lemon juice (concentrated lemon juice is pasteurized and should never be used as a substitute).

Cover the jar loosely and place it in the refrigerator. A few times during the day, gently – very gently – agitate the liquid in the jar. As the Calcium from the shells is leached by the lemon juice, bubbles will appear around the eggs.

Approximately 44 to 48 hours later, when the bubbling has stopped, carefully remove the eggs from the jar, being sure not to break the egg membranes. Replace the lid tightly on the jar containing the liquid and shake the mixture. You now have “Lemon Egg”. I love to drink it straight or mix 2oz in my smoothies. It can also be used for recipes calling for lemon juice as well. If there is no more than twice as much lemon juice per egg volume I take a tablespoon to two of the lemon mixture and up to six if I don’t eat enough vegetables.

One whole medium sized eggshell yields about 750 – 800 mgs of elemental calcium plus other micro elements, including but not limited to magnesium, boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, sulfur, silicon, zinc,  (27 elements in total). The composition of an eggshell is very similar to that of our bones and teeth.

 Herbal Tonics

Class of Herb

Safety Notes

Period of Usage


Nourishing Herbs

No known side effects

As often as wanted, like food

Nettle, oatstraw, chickweed, red clover, alfalfa

Nourishing Tonics

Little to no side effect

Daily use over long periods of time

Reishi, burdock, dandelion, holy basil, astragalus, cinnamon, garlic, schisandra berry, raspberry leaf

Stimulating Tonics

Possible side effects with improper use

Days to months

Hawthorn, ginseng, licorice, eleuthero, rhodiola, turmeric, ashwagandha, Gingko, ginger, motherwort

Specific Herbs

Acute use only

2 to 3 weeks

Goldenseal, myrrh, juniper, usnea 

Heroic Herbs

Extreme acute use only under guidance of experienced herbalist

Very limited doses

Foxglove, poke root, lily of the valley

Immunomodulators for the Immune System 

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)
translates to “that which has the smell of a horse, as it gives the vitality and sexual energy of a horse”; Ashwagandha is also an adaptogen and acts as an immunomodulant. Due to its calming nature, it is also used to relieve anxiety and tension.
astragalus root (Astragalus membranaceous)
adaptogene, boosts immune system, tonic to the adrenal glands, heart, lungs, and liver
hawthorneHawthorn (Crataegus spp.) Hawthorn extract from the berry, leaf, and/or flower is used as a general cardiac tonic, a cardiac trophorestorative, and for cases of angina, high blood pressure, early stages of congestive heart failure, and atherosclerosis; anti-inflammatory tonic herb for any type of heart-related condition.
Herbal tea: soak 1
generous tablespoon dried hawthorn berries over night; measure 1.5 – 2 cups water into a pot
Place hawthorn berries into pot and cover
Bring water to a boil, then lower to a simmer
Simmer for 15  – 20 minutes, covered
Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.) adaptogene, boosts immune system, tonic to the digestive system and is a powerful antiviral (but should not be taken in high doses or on its own for extended periods as it can raise blood pressure)
Marigold Calendula officinalis
makes wounds heal better and faster by affecting the inflammatory response, activating antioxidant defense mechanisms, promoting formation of collagen, and more. Calendula may help heal burn wounds, surgical sites, and other types of acute injuries.
Calendula is also one of the more effective natural diaper rash treatments
reduce some of these side effects of radiation therapy, including skin reactions (changes in color, irritation, soreness, etc.) and oral mucositis (swelling, pain, and sores in the mouth)
2 ml of calendula tincture in a small amount of water could be used as an effective, anti-gingivitis mouthwash when used in the morning and at night
making your own calendula oil. Place the leaves from fresh calendula flowers in a clean glass jar. Allow leaves to wilt slightly before adding olive oil to cover the flowers with about an inch of oil. Cover and let sit for four to six weeks, stirring occasionally. Strain out the flowers, and store your infused oil in a cool, dark place.
Oatstraw (Avena sativa)
rich nutritive profile, is also a great nerve tonic, Oatstraw and milky oats are considered one of the best remedies for “feeding” and restoring the nervous system, particularly in times of stress and in the case of nervous system weakness or exhaustion associated with depression overwork, or emotional trauma. Oats also support cardiovascular health by reducing cholesterol,  improving circulation, and reducing blood pressure by elasticizing veins and arteries.
Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) adaptogene, boosts immune system, tonic to the liver, is anti-inflammatory, and lowers cholesterol, and its nervine action helps relieve anxiety and sleeplessness
Turmeric (Curcuma longa)
digestive tonic, stimulating the production and flow of bile and relieving symptoms of indigestion such as cramping, gas, and bloating; anti-inflammatory and analgesic actions are helpful for maintaining healthy joints, tendons, and ligaments, relieving symptoms of arthritis, and keeping tendons and ligaments flexible.




Essential Oils

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  1. Creapharma (un bon onglet de recherche en haut à droite)

Essential Oils

Essential Oil


Therapeutic Properties


Light and citrusy

May help nervous tension

Chamomile (Roman)

Fruity, woody

May help relieve stress, tension and anxiety, improves digestion, reduces pain, heals skin


Lemon – citrus

Insect repellant, may help with fevers and digestion

Clary Sage

Sweet and spicy

Calming, may help with muscle fatigue, improve sleep, uplifting, tension tamer and aphrodisiac


Light and woodsy

Works to reduce cellulite, calming and uplifting



Helps relieve pain, improves mental clarity and reduces congestion


Warm, exotic, sweet and spicy

Calming, may help with aging skin


Floral, spicy

Promotes emotional balance, helps reduce cellulite, relieves stress and tension


Strong spicy scent

Stimulating, improves mental clarity, relieves pain and nausea



Improves mental clarity and memory


Sweet, heavy floral smell

Helps with depression, may help improve skin elasticity, reduces stretch marks, aphrodisiac


Fresh, Fruity, woody

Helps with mental exhaustion, obesity, water retention



Reduces cellulite deposits, helps reduce pain and inflammation, promotes relaxation and restful sleep



Uplifting, improves mental clarity


Heavy, floral

Calming and uplifting

Rose (otto)

Floral, damp, invigorating

Helps relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety


Menthol, earthy

Helps reduce cellulite, relieves mental fatigue, relaxes tight muscles


Earthy, spicy, floral, woody

Calming, aphrodisiac, reduces stress

Tea Tree


Antibiotic, anti-fungal, antiviral

More infos: